Blog 11

I must have told many of you many times that I was off to Malaga for a holiday. Malaga is well worth a visit with numerous galleries, beautiful buildings and wine shops!!!!


A couple of small coincidences.


Firstly, Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga and Picasso bequeathed a number of his paintings to the city of his birth which can be found in the Picasso Museum ( not sure why the called the museum the Picasso Museum!!!!)  This museum does not have the number of Picasso paintings that are in the Barcelona Picasso collection but still worth a visit. The coinindence refer to is a quote from Picasso about when a painting is finished, the subject of my last blog. Picasso has said ‘a painting is never finished, just abandoned’ .


Running in conjunction with the Picasso permanent exhibition, and also at the same time, was an Andy Warhol temporary exhibition, Warhol arguably being the creator of pop art. The little coincidence here is that Warhol features in my next blog when it is suggested/stated he was one of the most famous male artists ever. The Warhol expo was better than the Malaga Picasso expo but not as good as the Barcelona Picasso expo, in my view.


A couple of reminders about things taught in my lessons:


Nothing is just one colour, a magnolia wall will have several hues of magnolia and creams contained in it, along with a few yellows, some light greens and any other colour that might be reflected onto the wall, by including these different hues and shades you bring your subject alive.


The other reminder is to keep looking at your subject and then look again, get a feel for the colours within it and a feel for how it is constructed and works, this applies to both the soft petals and stems of a flower and the metal arms and ballast of a crane on a building site.