Blog 13 – 22/7/18

I have always tried to be a bit imaginative with the title of a picture, thinking that viewers needed an introduction and steer to the painting and what its about. However, I recently went to an exhibition of a local Royal West of England of Art Academician (top notch expo by the way) who kept it very simple with titles like ‘Foxgloves’, ‘Country Lane’, ‘Clouds over the Mendips’ and so on. The question now is do I continue trying to be imaginative or keep it simple?


For the St Andrews Exhibition I have completed two miniatures and I have entitled them unimaginatively “Gate to shack beyond’ and ‘Stream beyond the shack’. I am now going down to the studio to complete ‘Shack beyond the gate’.


I could have been even more economical with words and named them Gate, Stream and Shack like the RWA academician would have done I suspect, maybe.


This is a rhetorical question but ‘is the title of a painting important?’