Blog 14 – 23/8/18

I have successfully tried two diets recently. First, I tried the increasingly popular diet known as the Campylobacter Weight Loss Programme, I managed to lose a stone in 7 days. I embarked on this diet, otherwise known as food poisoning, following my Malaga trip the ingestion of contaminated chicken (that will reach me for showing off I was off to Malaga for me hols!!!). As a result of almost immediately putting half a stone back on, I thought I’d try the New Moania Weigh Loss System and it worked a treat, I lost another stone.

The New Moania Weight Loss System included an all expenses paid holiday with nutrient enriched dinner, bed and breakfast in Weston-super-Mare. (just to clarify, it was only the dinner and breakfast that was nutrient enriched not the bed). Unfortunately, my holiday wasn’t in one of the many 5 star luxury hotels dotted along the sea front overlooking golden sands and an ever inviting bright blue azure sea, but five nights in Weston General Hospital suffering from pneumonia . It was not all bad, the nursing staff were excellent and the treatment and care was faultless and easily surpassed anything a 5 star hotel could offer, those nurses, both male and female, were phenomenal.

Anyway, during this time I got very little painting done and, fortunately for you, no blogs. However, I now feel fully recovered and I am resuming all activities.

The blog!!!!

My advice is never throw your paintings away (even though you may want to), but sign them, date them and keep them in chronological order, but if it not possible to keep the in chronological order then I think date order should be fine. The archive of your paintings will allow you to chart your progress and development. The only down side to this is if there is no discernible progress or development, as was the case in my first few years of painting, you can become a bit disenchanted and de-motivated. This happened to me, but I enjoyed painting and ploughed on and eventually I got better, well I think so anyway!

Keeping unframed paintings does not take up much room so keep on keeping and peruse your archive now and then and check out where you were and compare it to where you are now.

I know this advice may be too late for some but not too late to start now,