Blog 4 – 1/4/18

Art also includes the written word and my 4th private blog is a poem written by Judy Edwards from the Blue Room Art Group.


My Art of Poetry

When I write I create a picture.

Like tubes of paint with their lids off;

The colours tumble, cascading onto the page.

Mixing them thoughtfully on my word palette.

Needing to find the perfect shades of light and dark.

Expressing thoughts and dreams, sharing my art.

Space, motion, time. how, why, when and where?

Placing them on the canvas with love and care.

Red’s envious, angry, a bloody stain:

But colours a rose bud’s bloom.

Orange so zesty, exciting, youthful, zingy and full of fun.

Yellow is golden memories, kindness and warmth of the sun.

Green for fresh natural vitality, new life, freedom and relaxing.

Blue of azure skies, lofty heights:

Melancholic’s solace by cool streams babbling.

Indigo for riches, royalty, power:

Romantic moonlight walks under inky starry skies.

Violet is feminine, delicate and beautiful; but often very shy.

The whole picture reminds me of God’s love,

The real treasure at the end of His rainbow