Blog 5 – 7/4/18

I sometimes look at things through ‘rose coloured glasses’ and if it makes the world seem a better place then I will keep looking through that glass.


I tend to find people who paint are generally lovely, kind, thoughtful and considerate people who are supportive and not in competition with each other but are often in awe of other peoples work and encourage the progress of the work, a cracking fraternity in which to belong.


The Artist and Illustrators Monthly mag (April) 2018) has an editorial by Sally Hakes which supports my notion above and it goes like this ‘Artists are brilliant at supporting each other. While this isn’t a revelation to me, it was a delight to witness the fact first hand at the Artist of the Year 2018 private viewing. On the night there were plenty of well deserved praise for our four winners but also bags of admiration and encouragement for all. Milling around the show clutching glasses of wine and wearing beaming smiles, it was clear the shortlisted artists were taking as much pleasure in other peoples achievements as there own. They chatted, mingled, enjoyed and told each other so – even exchanging contact details to meet up’


The A&I mag is a great mag to subscribe to, it contains painting tutorials, biographies, helpful ads, top tips and so on, well worth a read..